First Female Director of the Vatican Museums Takes Up Post Today

Announced in late December 2016 was the appointment of Barbara Jatta to the position of Director of the Vatican Museums effective 1 January 2017. She is the first female to assume the post. 

Having served as the  Head of the Prints and Drawings Collection of the Vatican Library from 1996 to 2010, Jatta has since worked as the Vice Director. She will replace Italian culture minister Antonio Paolucci, who assumed the role in 2007. 

Further Reading: 
Hannah McGivern and Arianna Antoniutti, “Pope Francis appoints Vatican Museums’ first female director” (The Art Newspaper, 21 December 2016). 

Rachel Donadio, “Vatican Museums Get First Female Director” ( New York Times, 21 December 2016).

Images courtesy of La Repubblica/The Art Newspaper. 

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