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Goldsmith, designer and sculptor Andrea Cagnetti was born on 16 March 1967 in Corchiano, near Viterbo, Latium. He mainly produces jewels on the basis of ancient Greek and Etruscan techniques, and is known in the artistic world as Akelo (from Achelous, the Greek god of rivers).

Cagnetti worked as a graphic designer in Rome for several years before he decided to become a goldsmith and sculptor. He carries out research on ancient metalwork techniques, including alchemy, producing jewels and sculptural objects in gold, bronze and iron.

His work features in the collection of the Newark Museum, the Museum of Art and Archaeology of the University of Missouri and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 2010, he created the bronze sculpture Hope for the Robert Bresson prize, awarded every year at the Venice Film Festival.

Akelo lives in Corchiano, where he produces his objects and writes academic articles on the ancient metalwork techniques he studies.

Reference: Akelo, Andrea Cagnetti

Andrea Cagnetti (aka Akelo) at his desk

YILDUN, gold pendant, 2001, Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri.

RIGEL, gold bracelet, 2000, artist’s collection.

MAIA, gold earrings, 2002, artist’s collection.

SEGIN, gold pyx, 2009, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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