By Jean Marie Carey

Hermann David Salomon Corrodi was born 23 July 1844 in Frascati into a Swiss family of painters and printmakers who worked in Italy. Corrodi studied at the Accademia di S Luca in Rome under his father, Salomon (1810–1892) and later took instruction at various academies and salons in Paris.

Corrodi was a personal friend of Queen Victoria and thus received commissions for history paintings from the British royal family. He also traveled often to Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, and Turkey, which provided the subject matter for many of his paintings. In 1893 he was knighted as an Academic of Merit by the Accademia di S Luca, where he had returned to become a professor. He died in Rome on 30 January 1905.

Reference: Christina Steinhoff and William Hauptman. “Corrodi.“ Grove Art Online. Oxford art Online. Oxford University Press.

Caravan in una tempesta di sabbia, c. 1890. Photo Wikimedia Commons.

Le Bocche di Cattaro, c. 1895. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Via Appia Antica in der Nähe von Terracina, c. 1900. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Venetian Lagoon in the Evening Light, c. 1880. Photo: The Dorotheum

Hermann David Salomon Corrodi c. 1860. Photo: Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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