By Livia Lupi

Sculptor Salvatore Pisani was born on July 20 1859 in Mongiana, Calabria, an area that was famous for its artists’ skill in chiseling and in the technique of damascening. Salvatore’s talent was spotted by Giuseppe Albonico, an engineer from northern Italy who introduced him to art lover and senator Luigi Torelli.

After modelling Alessandro Manzoni’s bust under the supervision of famous sculptor Giulio Monteverde in 1875, in 1876 Salvatore enrolled at the Accademia di Brera. He then started working for an illustrious clientele, realising bust portraits of several army generals in 1880 and two low reliefs for the funerary chapel of painter Francesco Hayez in Milan in 1883.

Other important works by Pisani include two angels and King Rehoboam for the Duomo in Milan (1892 and 1893), the monument to Giovanni Battista Piatti in Largo La Foppa in Milan (1894) and the bust of Marquise Isimbardi Taverna (1906). He died in Milan on 18 September 1920.

Reference: Salvatore Pisani, Artisti

Further reading:

Domenico Pisani. Salvatore Pisani scultore, 1859-1920. Pizzo Calabro: Edizioni Esperide, 2012.

Little shepherdess, 1885, marble, unknown location.

Bust of Count Genova di Thaon di Revel, 1911, bronze, Museo della Battaglia di San Martino.

Angel and King Rehoboam, 1893, marble, pinnacle Cesa-Bianchi, Duomo, Milan.

Giovanni Battista Piatti, 1894, Largo La Foppa, Milan.

Portrait of Marquise Carolina Isimbardi Taverna, 1906, marble, Sala Isimbardi, Palazzo Isimbardi taverna, Milan.

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