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Architect Vincenzo Scamozzi died on 7 August 1616 in Venice, where he spent the latter part of his career after getting started in his hometown of Vicenza. Scamozzi is widely recognized as the architectural heir to Andrea Palladio both for his conservative classicism and for his theoretical publications, as well as for the fact that he completed a number of the older architect’s unfinished projects like the Villa Rotonda and the facade of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Paolo Veronese, Portrait of Vincenzo Scamozzi, Denver Art Museum.
Vincenzo Scamozzi, “Doric Order,” L’Idea della Architettura Universale, 1616.
Vincenzo Scamozzi, Villa Molin, near Padua. Photo: Milazzi.
Vincenzo Scamozzi, Procuratie Nuove, Venice. Photo: Wolfgang Moroder.

Source: Nadia Munari. “Scamozzi.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. Web..

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