Pompeii’s Past Meets Present Artists for Upcoming Exhibition and Permanent Installation

Sources report of a dynamic collaboration between the archaeological site of Pompeii and the Neapolitan Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnregina (Madre) to foster a dialogue between past and present in the forthcoming exhibition,“Pompeii at Madre: Archaeological Material” exhibition, opening on 19 November. 

In addition to a contemporary take on the ancient domus, the exhibition will feature the juxtaposition of Pompeiian artifacts – mostly fragments resulting from World War II bombing – amid contemporary works loaned from international collections that channel the ancient world. This powerful pairing will remain on view until 18 April 2018, while the “domus” portion of the “Pompeii at Madre” installation will linger until 24 September 2018. 

This upcoming exhibition is part of a long term goal to develop a permanent installation close to the Vesuvius-plagued city that continues this exchange between past and present art and also fosters education and enrichment for artists, scholars, and the community at large. For more information on the exhibition, “Pompeii at Madre,” please visit the museum’s website

Further Reading:
Hannah McGivern, “Pompeii to build contemporary collection,” The Art Newspaper, 28 September 2017. 

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Andy Warhol, Vesuvius, 1985. Museo di Capodimonte, Naples. 

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