CALL FOR PAPERS – American Association for Italian Studies Session (SHORT DEADLINE)

Chair: Eleanor D’Aponte, AIA, Associate Professor, Norwich University

American Association of Italian Studies (AAIS).
14-17 June 2018 at the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy.

The genesis of architectural ornament derives from ritual and a human instinct for imitation (Gottfried Semper, 2004). Early architectural ‘enclosures’, or ‘space dividers’ were first plant fiber woven mats and then woven tapestries. Woven patterns used as edging for Roman tapestry walls are replicated in Pompeiian fresco designs. The ritual uses of tapestries and relics in religious ceremonies of the Sorrentine peninsula are memorialized and transformed as decorative and structural motifs on walls, in mosaics, liturgical elements, and building facades. Interdisciplinary papers exploring the relationship of ornament to ritual and sacrament from ancient to modern times are welcome.

Proposals, which should include title, brief abstract (200-250 words), and a short biographical blurb, are due to the session chair by 30 December 2017.

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