By Livia Lupi

Sculptor Davide Prete was born on 21 June 1974 in Treviso. He studied architecture, jewellery and metalsmithing at IUAV in Venice, working as an architect in Italy for a few years. He subsequently move to the US, where he studied sculpture and developed a personal sculptural process based on mixing traditional techniques with new technologies such as 3D printing and laser scanning.

Prete exhibited his work in Italy and internationally across Europe and the US, and his urban sculptures are installed at venues in Italy and the US. He is currently working on a new project inspired by mathematical equations and aiming to articulate a new kind of sculptural language, which Prete defined as a “new form of Shamanism.”


Davide Prete (right) with one of his works

Icarus, forged steel and stainless steel, 2011.

The Arch, 3D printed nylon, 2011.

Entity, fibre glass, 2010.

The Monk, forged steel, 2003.

Myself, 3D printed nylon, 2014.

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