By Livia Lupi

Sculptor Gabriele Ambrosio died on 19 July 1918 in his hometown, Turin. He became successful as a sculptor of monuments dedicated to local prominent figures and as a portraitist.

After his training with Vincenzo Vela at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, Ambrosio took part in the 1866 war campaign for the independence of Italy. At the age of 27 he won a competition to realise a monument for Gian Battista Bodoni (a typographer, printer and publisher who designed the Bodoni font) for the city of Saluzzo. After this work, Ambrosio was commissioned many other similar sculptures, including the 1874 monument of poet and writer Diodata Saluzzo, again in the town of Saluzzo, and the statue dedicated to general Perrone di San Martino at Ivrea. Ambrosio also realised busts, statuettes and portraits. The most famous among these is the portrait of fellow sculptor Carlo Marochetti, a version of which was purchased by the National Gallery in London.

Reference: Rosalba Amerio, “Ambrosio, Gabriele.” Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, Enciclopedia Treccani.

Portrait of Carlo Marochetti, 1888, bronze. National Portrait Gallery, London.

Monument to Gian Battista Bodoni, 1872, marble. Saluzzo.

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