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Italo-Lithuanian sculptor Antonietta Raphaël died on 5 September 1975 in Rome at age 75. Trained as a musician in London, Raphaël moved to Rome in 1924 after a brief stay in Paris. Part of the movement known as the Scuola romana, Raphaël’s work shows the influence of Fauvism and a decidedly anti-academic approach. Her career was interrupted in 1939 when she went into hiding from Fascist anti-Semitic laws. She returned to sculpture after the war, exhibiting in the Venice Biennale, the Rome Quadriennale, and other venues.

Reference: Silvia Lucchesi. “Raphael, Antonietta.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press..

Further reading: Raphael Antonietta. Sculture in villa by Fabrizio D’Amico

Self-portrait with Violin, 1928, Private collection.

Mafai with a Cat, 1942, Rome, private collection.

Miriam Sleeping, 1938/58, Rome, private collection.

Artist in her Studio, 1968.

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