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Neoclassical architect Giocondo Albertolli died on 15 November 1839 in Milan. He was 96. Trained in Aosta and Parma, Albertolli worked widely in Italy including Tuscany, Rome, Naples, and Milan, where he became professor of design at the Brera Academy in 1776 and taught until 1812.

Some of his most acclaimed works include the stuccoes decorating the Gran Salone at Villa Poggio Imperiale for Leopold, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1770-75), the Villa Melzi at Bellagio built for Francesco Melzi d’Eril, Duke of Lodi (1808-9), and the high altar of San Marco in Milan (1816).

Reference: Giuliana Ricci. “Albertolli.“ Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press.

Villa Melzi, Bellagio.

Portraits of Gioconda Albertoli.

Grand Salone, Villa Poggio Imperiale.

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