(Deadline: 12 August 2019)

Women and Confraternities: The Hidden Voices of Renaissance Piety and Charity

Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting
Philadelphia, 2-4 April 2020

This panel aims to amplify the hidden voices of women who were members of lay confraternities or females who found themselves in the ambit of these charitable associations. Accordingly, scholars who are interested in confraternity studies, gender studies, hidden histories, history from below and exploring social, ethnic and sexual marginalization are sought to participate.

Papers might focus on, but are not limited to the following topics:

·     The treatment of economically disadvantaged females by charitable associations, hospitals or guilds.

·     Gender distinctions within mixed sodalities.

·     Artistic commissions and other warrants for material objects emanating from lay sodalities that were executed by women.

·     The roles of female confraternity members and their impact on public service, healthcare and the custody of people or objects.

·     Women in the ambit of lay associations. For example, the female relatives of male participants, slaves, prostitutes, mistresses, artisans and shop keepers.

Papers should concentrate on confraternal activities between 1300 and 1700.

Proposals should include the presenter’s name, academic affiliation, email, the paper title (no longer than 15 words), the abstract of the paper (no longer than 150 words), a brief academic C.V. (not longer than 300 words), and a series of key-words that suit the presentation. Please be sure all nine (7) categories of information are clearly provided.

Please submit your proposal to Dr. Samantha J.C. Hughes-Johnson at by 12 August 2019.

Image Reference: Italian/Milanese, Female Members of a Confraternity, c.1500, oil on silk or canvas, mounted on wood,  The National Gallery, London © 2019.

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