Call for IAS-Organized Session Proposals
57th International Congress on Medieval Studies 2022
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, 9-14 May 2022

The IAS sponsors up to three linked sessions at the annual meeting of the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS). The Congress is an annual gathering of more than 3,000 scholars interested in Medieval Studies, broadly defined. It features more than 550 sessions of papers, panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, and performances.

The IAS is seeking session proposals that cover Italian art from the fourth through the fifteenth centuries. Members interested in putting together a panel or linked panels should send a brief abstract (250 words max), session title, a short list of potential or desired speakers (they need not be confirmed), the name of the chair(s) with email addresses and affiliation, and a one-page CV.

IAS online application:

Questions to

More information about ICMS submissions:

Submit to IAS by: 10 May 2021
Submit to ICMS by: 1 June 2021

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