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Location: Montreal


Sessions Sponsored by the Italian Art Society

Session Title: Rome Revitalized
Hilton Montreal Bonaventure, Mont-Royal
Saturday, March 26, 2011, 10:30am-12:00pm
Organizers: Angi Bourgeois, Mississippi State University, and Jill E. Blondin, University of Texas, Tyler
Chair: Jill E. Blondin, University of Texas, Tyler
Jasmine Cloud, Temple University, “Reviving the Heart (of the City): The Renovation of Churches on the Roman Forum”
Jennifer DeSilva, Eastern Connecticut State University, “The Cardinal’s Titulus as a Site for Rebuilding Rome and the Cardinal’s Identity”
Caroline Hillard, Colorado College, “Narratives of Place and the Sixteenth-Century Renovatio Romae
Lara Langer, University of Maryland, “Pinturicchio’s Sala dei Santi in the Borgia Vatican Apartments: A Study of the Turkish Figures Represented in the Lunette Frescoes”

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