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Location: Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC


Sessions Sponsored by the Italian Art Society

Session Title: Character Portraits and Vasari
Room 1617
Friday March 15, 2019,9-10:30am

Organizer and Chair: Shelley E. Zuraw, University of Georgia
Tiffanie P. Townsend, Georgia Southern University, “Rosso Fiorentino and Portraits of Eccentricity"
Michael P. Kemling, University of North Georgia, “Vasari, Condivi, Vasari: The Many Faces of Michelangelo”
Shannon N. Pritchard, University of Southern Indiana, “Giambologna’s Bronzes Speaking to Artists Through Self-Image”

Session Title: Character Portraits II: Vasari and Beyond
Room 1617
Friday March 15,2019, 10:45am-12:15pm

Organizer: Shelley E. Zuraw, University of Georgia
Chair: Shannon Pritchard, University of Southern Indiana
Shelley E. Zuraw, University of Georgia, “Vasari’s Tale of a Woman Sculptor: Truth is Stranger than Fiction"
Julia L. Valiela, Independent scholar, “A Renaissance Woman Engraver in Image and Text”
Laura L. Watts, Daemen College, “Realizing the Risorgimento:""Two Pictorial Statements by Francesco Hayez, 1827 and 1867”

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