Conferences & Lectures

Location: Rome, Italy

A conference sponsored by the Getty Foundation’s Connecting Art Histories Initiative and the American Academy in Rome. 9:00 am: Welcome and Introduction from the Co-directors Kimberly Bowes, American Academy in Rome, and William Tronzo, University of California San Diego: “When — if ever — will a history of Mediterranean art and archaeology be possible?” 9:30 am: Silvia Armando, Metropolitan Museum of Art: “Oriented Words: Shifting Categories and Mutable Lexical Choices at the Dawn of Islamic Art Studies” 10:00 am: Francisco J. Moreno Martin, Universidad Complutense de Madrid: “The Treasure of Guarrazar: The Ideological Use of Visigothic Archaeology and Art from the 19th century onwards” 11:00 am: Dina Bakhoum, American University of Cairo: “The Comité de Conservation des Monuments de l’Art Arabe in Context” 11:30 am: Ruggero Longo, Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Viterbo: “Idealizing Medieval Mediterranean? Creation, Re-creation and Representation of Arab-Norman Sicily” noon: Judith Bronstein, University of Haifa: “Zionism, Israel Crusader Past and Archaeological Remains” 2:45 pm: Trpimir Vedriš, University of Zagreb: “The Baptismal Font of Duke Višeslav: A Case Study in the History of Reception and Formation of Croatian National Identity (c.1853 – c.2013)” 3:15 pm: Magdalena Skoblar, The British School at Athens/The British School at Rome: “Repurposing the Virgin: How an Early Medieval Sculpture Became a Modern-Day Croatian Icon” 3:45 pm: Solinda Kamani, University of Kent, “Archaeology and the Construction of National Identity in Communist Albania” 5:00 pm: Nikolas Bakirtzis, Cyprus Institute: “Medieval Fortifications as Heritage: The Cases of Nicosia and Rhodes” 5:30 pm: Erica D’Amico, University of Richmond, Rome: “How the ‘Byzantine Past’ is Used in Archaeological Perspective: A Case Study in Venice and the Veneto region” 6:00 pm: Moheddine Chaouali, Insitut National du Patrimoine, Tunisia: “L’Afrique du Nord byzantine à la lumière des découvertes archéologiques récentes”

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