IAS Internal Annual Calendar

This page contains the annual calendar of officers’ duties.  Please feel free to modify it directly or by dropping a line to Webmistress Anne.

IAS Calendar



PREXY: CAA prep (room, food, committees, agenda)

PREXY: President’s message for Winter newsletter

PROG CC: Notices in IAS winter newsletter & on website soliciting potential themes/chairs for RSA and ideas for K’zoo.

NEWSED: Winter newsletter submission deadline, January 15

TRAV CC: IAS/Kress Lecture Application Deadline, January 4

TRAV CC: Selection of IAS/Kress Lecture Speaker (followed by approval by Executive Board)

TREAS: membership dues deadline (for new calendar year), January 1


PREXY: CAA business meeting agenda

PREXY: Notify Kress of the IAS-Kress lecture in Italy speaker.  Send a copy of the speaker’s cv and paper abstract.

NEWSED: Winter newsletter publication date, February 1

NOM CC: Nominations from Nominating Committee, February 1

TREAS (with SECY): Send renewal reminder to any members who have not yet renewed for the current year, February 1


PREXY: President’s message for Spring Newsletter

PROG CC: Kazoo Box lunches

PROG CC: CAA publishes CFP for accepted sessions

PROG CC: March 15 deadline, 16th-Century Studies conference

PROG CC: March t.b.d. deadline, SAH session proposal

TREAS: Final renewal notice to membership, March 1


NEWSED: Spring newsletter submission deadline, April 15

PREXY: Kazoo business meeting agenda

PROG CC: April 15 deadline, send to Spring newsletter and website the following: CFP for CAA lunch session; CFP for RSA session(s); and request for ideas for following year’s CAA short session.

TREAS: Mark as inactive any members whose dues are two years in arrears (i.e., no current renewal and no prior year renewal), April 1


NEWSED: Spring newsletter publication date, May 1

PROG CC: CAA proposals due to session chairs

PROG CC: CAA 90-minute sessions forms go online (lunch session and business meeting)

PROG CC: Kazoo session proposals, mid May

PROG CC: RSA proposals (abstracts), mid May

PROG CC: Submit full panel (presenters and abstracts) to RSA, late May


PREXY: IAS-Kress Lecture speaker information to Kress Foundation (June 1)

PROG CC: Forms due to CAA for lunch session (forms are mailed out in April); this is done by the session chair with a copy to the Program Committee Chair

PROG CC: Full roster for IAS theme session to be submitted [KIRSTIN: Please clarify—is this the long CAA session?]

TRAV CC: Updating of Travel Grant flyer (forward to Webmaster for posting to website)


PREXY: President’s message for Summer newsletter

PROG CC: Kazoo meeting/reception reservation form goes online

PROG CC: Upon approval, send K’zoo session proposal/CFP to website; send to secretary/membership for distribution to IAS mailing list; send to various listservs.  (Prog CC is contact person for K’zoo sessions, not individual session chairs.)

PROG CC: Submit full session roster to RSA [How is this different from May, above?]


PROG CC: CAA abstracts to chairs


NEWSED: Fall newsletter submission deadline (Sept. 15)

PROG CC: CAA sessions due—long session, two years in advance (Sept. 1)

PROG CC: Kazoo deadline for papers to chairs (Sept. 15)

PROG CC: Send solicitations for various conferences to newsletter and website (Sept. 15)

TREAS: Dues received after September 1 credited to following calendar year

TREAS: Send renewal announcement to Newsletter Editor for inclusion in Fall newsletter, September 15


NEWSED: Fall newsletter publication date, October 1

PROG CC: Kazoo session paperwork to Med. Inst.; Kazoo meeting and reception deadline (Oct. 1)


PREXY: Kress funding for travel application (Nov. 1)

NOM CC: Nominating Committee deadline for nominations (Nov. 1)

TRAV CC: Travel grant deadline (Nov. 1)

TREAS: Send renewal announcement to Secretary for inclusion in December 1 membership mailing, November 15


PROG CC: CAA papers due to chairs

TRAV CC: Notification of travel awards (Dec. 1)

TREAS (with SECY): Send annual renewal notice to membership (Dec. 1)

Prexy = President
VP = Vice President
Treas = Treasurer
Secy =  Secretary/Membership Coordinator
Nom CC = Nominating Committee Chair
Prog CC = Program Committee Chair
Trav CC = Travel Grant Committee Chair
GS CC = Graduate Student Committee Chair (no deadlines yet)

NewsEd = Newsletter Editor
SMC = Social Media Coordinator
WebEd = Website Editor