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Prehistoric / Etruscan Art and Architecture

No disserations currently listed in this category.

Roman / Late Antique Art

No disserations currently listed in this category.

Early Medieval / Romanesque / Gothic Art

Gunzburg, Darrelyn, "Giotto’s Salone: An Astrological Investigation into the Fresco Paintings of the First Floor Salone of the Palazzo Della Ragione, Padua, Italy" (University of Bristol, B. Williamson), 2014

Renaissance / Baroque Art

Buonanno, Lorenzo G., "Stone Mediators: Sculpted Altarpieces in Early Renaissance Venice" (Columbia, D. Rosand), 2014

Cloud, Jasmine, "Renovation in the Campo Vaccino: The Churches on the Roman Forum from Clement VIII to Alexander VII" (Temple, T. Cooper), 2014

Fishburne, James, "Casting an Ecclesiastical Prince: Portrait Medals of Pope Julius II" (UCLA, J. Woods-Marsden), 2014

Geddes, Leslie, "Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Water" (Princeton, J. Pinto), 2014

Grandolfo, Alessandro, "Geronimo d'Auria (doc. 1566-1623). Problemi di scultura del secondo Cinquecento partenopeo, University of Naples, 2012, in http://www.fedoa.unina.it/8941/" (University of Naples 'Federico II', Prof Francesco Caglioti), 2012

Kulpa, Pierette, "From Michelangelo to Mussolini: Devotion, Attribution, and Appropriation in the Cultural Biography of the Pietà di Palestrina" (Penn State, B. Curran), 2015

Weller, Peter, "Alberti Before Florence: Early Sources Informing Leon Battista Alberti’s ‘De pictura’" (UCLA, C. Villaseñor-Black), 2014

Eighteenth- / Nineteenth-Century Art

No disserations currently listed in this category.

Modern / Contemporary Art

Gamble, Antje, "National and International Modernism in Italian Sculpture from 1935-1959." (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, A. Potts), 2015

McEwan, Cameron, "The Architecture of Analogy" (University of Central Lancashire, ), 2014

Smith, Wendy Ligon, "Reviving Fortuny's Phantasmagorias" (The University of Manchester, C. Mavor), 2015

Tanga, Martina, "Arte Ambientale and Arte nel Sociale in Italian Art in the 1970s" (Boston University, G. Williams), 2015

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