2013 College Art Association Annual Conference, New York
IAS-Sponsored Session

Bad Boys, Hussies, and Villains

Gramercy B, 2nd Floor
Friday, February 15, 2013, 9:30am–12:00pm

Organizer and Chair: George R. Bent, Washington and Lee University


Roger Crum, University of Dayton
"Repatriating the 'Anghiari Faction', or Brooding over a Villainous History of Florentine Renaissance Art"
Elizabeth Bemis, University of Florida
"Aut Cesar, Aut Nihil: The Visual Staging of Cesare Borgia"
Cynthia Stollhans, Saint Louis University
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun—And Still Go to Heaven: Reading Courtesans in Renaissance Portraits and Life"
Julia Miller, California State University, Long Beach
"Damnatio memoriae: Images and Relics of Carlo Borromeo in Former Humiliati Churches"
Laura Sommer, Daemen College
"The Composite Villain: Manzoni’s L’Innominato in Ottocento Painting"
Laura Petican, University of Western Ontario
"Divos, Diavolos, and La Dolce Vita: Contemporary Italian Art between Past and Present"
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