2022 International Congress on Medieval Studies, VIRTUAL, Virtual conference
IAS-Sponsored Session

Drawing Together and Setting Apart: Pulpits and Screens in Medieval Italy, I: Case Studies from Central and Northern Italy

Monday, May 9th at 9am

Organizer: Ludovico Geymonat, Louisiana State University

Organizer: Nancy Wu, Metropolitan Museum of Art (Emerita)

This session will look at three specific buildings: the Cathedrals at Fidenza (Kojima) and at Osimo (Ferrari) and the Basilica of San Marco in Venice (Bergmeier). Each case study requires the reconstruction of the screen and pulpit/s that were in place between the twelfth and the fourteenth century, and their spatial and liturgical topography in connection to both the main altar and the crypt underneath. Kojima reconstructs the iconography, chronology, and liturgical significance of Fidenza’s dismantled pulpit and screen, attributed to the followers of Antelami, and focuses her attention on the two altars in the main apse and in the crypt. Ferrari places the pulpit in Osimo within a complex geography, both art historical and liturgical, with important ramifications for our understanding of the independence and specificities of regional developments. Bergmeier’s focus on the screen in San Marco and the interconnection between Venice and Byzantium in the thirteenth and fourteenth century will shed new light on the developments of screens in Orthodox churches in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Yoshie Kojima
Pulpit/Screen of the Cathedral of Fidenza
Stella Ferrari
... avendo due prospetti con varj ornati, e riquadrature di marmi diversi: The Pulpit in the Cathedral of Osimo and its Regional Context
Armin Bergmeier
Echoes of the East: San Marco in Venice and the Byzantine Chancel Screen
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