2013 American Association for Italian Studies Annual Conference, Eugene, Oregon
IAS-Sponsored Session

Getting the Boot: Perspectives on Italian Art and Architecture from Antiquity to Today I

Organizer and Chair: Rebekah Perry


Jill Vessely Greenwood, Portland State University
"Crossing the Threshold: Viewer Reception of the Cathedral Portal in Sovana, Italy"
Sarah Horowitz, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Imagining the Real and the Ideal: Nicolas Poussin’s Rebekah Quenching the Thirst of Eliezer at the Well"
Ashley Gardini, San Jose State University
"Redefining Sant’Elia: the Intersection of Italian Futurism and Modern Architecture"
Antigoni Katsakou, University College London
"Three Villas by Gio Ponti: ‘Forme Finite’ and Visual Entropy"
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