2010 College Art Association Annual Conference, Chicago
IAS-Sponsored Session

I Primi Lumi” : Studies in Italian Renaissance Art in Memory of Andrew T. Ladis

Water Tower, Bronze Level, West Tower, Hyatt Regency Chicago
Friday, February 12, 2010, 6:30-9:00pm

Organizer and Chair: Diane Cole Ahl, Lafayette College


Elizabeth Bailey, Wesleyan College
"Sacred and Secular: The "Tabernacolo della Tromba" in Florence (1243-1905)"
George R. Bent, Washington and Lee University
"Rebellion, Reconciliation, and a Painting for the Florentine Wool Guild"
Michelle A. Erhardt, Christopher Newport University
"Preparing the Mind, Preparing the Soul: The Fusion of Franciscan Thought in the Sacristy Decoration of Santa Croce, Florence"
Jean K. Cadogan, Trinity College:
"Agnolo Gaddi and the Opera del Duomo in the Late Trecento"
Perri Lee Roberts, University of Miami
"Vasari’s Taddeo Gaddi"
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