2011 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Michigan, MI
IAS-Sponsored Session

II: Geographic Limits 

Bernhard 105
Thursday, May 12, 2011, 3:30-5:00pm

Presider: Felicity Ratté

How does the definition of the geographic boundaries of modern Italy shape the study of Italian art? From the cores of Florence and Rome to the peripheries of the piedmont and Sicily, how does one define the “map” or “boundaries” of the field, and how does that map define us?


Nicole Paxton Sullo, Yale University
"Imagining Local Identity in Medieval Puglia: Narratives of Martyrdom and Baptism in the Rock-Cut Churches of Casalrotto"
Nicola Camerlenghi, University of Oregon
"The Mediterranean Origins of Medieval Italian Domes"
Jennifer D. Webb, University of Minnesota-Deluth
"Looking East: Rethinking Geographical Boundaries and Art Historical Categories by Way of Fifteenth-Century Art and Architecture in Italy and Dalmatia"
Roxann Prazniak, University of Oregon
"Tabriz as Cultural Context for Early Trecento Art"
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