2011 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Michigan, MI
IAS-Sponsored Session

IV: Urbanism

Schneider 1220
Friday, May 13, 3:30-5:00pm

Presider: Niall Atkinson, University of Chicago

From the Christianization of imperial Italy to Mussolini’s demolition of large swaths of medieval Rome, creation and manipulation of the urban center has been a constant on the Italian peninsula. This session considers the privileged position of urbanism, notions of urban identity, motives of urban creation, practices of urban space, and modes of urban patronage.


Catherine McCurrach, Wayne State University
“A Thread in the Urban Fabric: The Parish Church in Medieval Rome”
James Fishburne, University of California-Los Angeles
“Depicting Urban Dominion: The Portrait Medals of Pope Julius II”
Rebekah Perry, University of Pittsburgh
“Civic Landscape, Sacred Journey: Tivoli’s Savior Triptych and the August Procession of the Inchinata”
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