2021 International Congress on Medieval Studies, VIRTUAL, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (Virtual)
IAS-Sponsored Session

Panel II: Pavements and Microhistories

Organizers and Chairs: Francesco Gangemi, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz; Alison Locke Perchuk, California State University Channel Islands

Welcome: Alison Locke Perchuk

Testimonial: Libby Parker

Discussant: Peter Scott Brown, University of North Florida


Katerina Harris, Institute of Fine Arts (NYU) and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Ruggero Longo, Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max Planck Institute for Art History
"Medieval Marble Decorations. From Ornament to Sacred Spaces"
Catherine R. Carver, University of Michigan & Wayne State University
"Sculpting Space: Ideology and Practicality in Roman Twelfth-Century Building Practices"
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