2022 International Congress on Medieval Studies, VIRTUAL, Virtual conference
IAS-Sponsored Session

Roundtable: Amy Neff, A Soul’s Journey: Franciscan Art, Theology, and Devotion in the Supplicationes variae

Saturday, May 14th at 11am

Organizer: Lezlie S. Knox, Marquette University

Respondent: Amy L. Neff, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Presider: Kathleen G. Arthur, James Madison University

Co-sponsored with The Franciscan Institute

Amy Neff’s A Soul’s Journey: Franciscan Art, Theology and Devotion in the Supplicationes Variae (Brepols, 2019) examines an extraordinary Genoese manuscript that offers a highly personalized meditation in prayers and drawings inspired by Bonaventure’s A Soul’s Journey into God. This interdisciplinary panel discusses the manuscript and book.


Ann W. Astell, University of Notre Dame
Holly Flora, Tulane University
Timothy J. Johnson, Flagler College
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