2010 International Congress on Medieval Studies, University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI
IAS-Sponsored Session

Sanctity and the Arts in Medieval Italy I: Foreign Saints in Italy, Italian Saints Abroad

Bernhard Brown & Gold Room
Saturday, May 15, 2010 1:30-3:00pm

Organizer and Presider: Véronique Plesch, Colby College

While many cults were insistently local, others achieved transregional importance. This session examines the visual and material representation of “out of place” saints, be they saints from afar who achieved great Italian significance (e.g., Nicolas of Myra, later of Bari) or Italian saints who gained pan-Christian importance (e.g., Benedict).


Dorothy F. Glass, Independent Scholar
“Neither Corpus nor Cult: The Strange Case of Saints Barlaam and Joasaph at the Baptistery of Parma”
Jessica Noel Richardson, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art
“The North Portal of San Leonardo in Lama Volara (Apulia) and the Cult of Saint Leonard of Noblat in Twelfth-Century Italy”
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