June 8, 2020
The Stage Designs of Filippo Juvarra in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

May 11, 2020
The Dragon in Italian Art and Architecture: Past to Present.

January 10, 2020
CFA: Raubkunst at the Ringling: A Catalogue in Absentia

A researcher and writer is being sought to investigate the provenance of a quartet of quirkily shaped, sized, and framed 18th Century oil paintings associated with the work of Venetian artist Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (1682-1754).

May 10, 2019
The Piazzetta Provenance Project CFA: Raubkunst at the Ringling: A Catalogue in Absentia Raubkunst at the Ringling: Franz Marc’s Schöpfungsgeschichte has got a lot of attention.

May 2, 2019
On the Tercentenary of the Death of Pierre Le Gros Pierre Le Gros died 300 years ago on 3 May 1719 in Rome where he had been a pre-eminent sculptor.

January 24, 2019
Sculptor Francesco Robba died on 24 January 1757 in Zagreb.

December 9, 2018
Sculptor, Restorer and Antiquarian Bartolomeo Cavaceppi Died in Rome on 9 December 1799.

October 21, 2018
Giovanni Paolo Panini died in Rome on October 21, 1765.

May 3, 2018
Catch if You Can: Canaletto, 1697-1768

April 1, 2018
Bartolomeo Pinelli died on 1 April 1835.

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