March 31, 2016
Exciting News: Enormous Potential in Etruscan Find An archaeological dig site in Tuscany is reporting the discovery of a substantial stele that bears an inscription in the language of the Etruscans.

January 26, 2016
Oxford University Press publishes Religious Architecture in Latium and Etruria, c. 900-500 BC by Charlotte R. Potts.

December 27, 2015
Giovanni Battista Borra was Born on 27 December 1713 in the Piedmont Town of Dogliani.

November 13, 2015
(via ) Art historian sleuths find bits and pieces of the lost San Piero Maggiore in Florence.

August 21, 2015
Remembering Khaled Al-Asaad

June 4, 2015
Papal secretary, historian, and antiquarian Flavio Biondo died on 4 June 1463 in Rome.

April 8, 2015
Septimius Severus was proclaimed emperor of Rome by his troops on 9 April 193 CE, just two days before his 48th birthday.

December 29, 2014
Researchers have announced a new understanding of Roman concrete – a versatile artificial stone that allowed Roman builders to create magnificent, open interiors of unprecedented scale.

August 11, 2014
thegetty : Hesione who?

August 3, 2014
Archaeologists discovered the Seated Mercury on this day in 1758 in the peristyle of the Villa of Papyri at Herculaneum .

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