November 25, 2018
Images of Plenty and Prosperity

January 14, 2018
It is possible that Mark Antony met the young Cleopatra when he served under the Roman general Gabinius in 55 BCE.

November 5, 2017
On 5 November 1911 Italy annexed the Libyan cities of Cyrenaica and Tripoli.

September 9, 2017
On 9 September 337 CE Constantine II , Constantius II, and Constans I succeeded their father Constantine I as co-emperors, dividing the Roman Empire between three Augusti.

May 4, 2017
Monumental Mausoleum to Become New Magnet for Rome’s Visitors New outlets are reporting that the Mausoleum of Augustus will soon be restored and reopened as a historical attraction.

January 17, 2017
The dawn of a new dynasty: Octavian , future Roman Emperor Augustus, divorced his wife, Scribonia , on 17 January 38 BCE.

December 7, 2016
Ancient Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero was assassinated on 7 December 43 BCE.

October 30, 2016
Julia, the only child of Octavian (later Augustus Caesar) was born on 30 October in 39 BCE.

August 19, 2016
The end of the first Roman Emperor: Augustus died 19 August in 14 CE.

August 7, 2016
The third son of Constantine I, Flavius Julius Constantius II was born in Illyricum on 7 August 317.

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