August 30, 2016
On View: Master Drawings Unveiled at the Art Institute of Chicago This past weekend the Art Institute of Chicago opened its new exhibition, “Master Drawings Unveiled: 25 Years of Major Acquisitions.” Featuring a wide array of drawings from the 17th century onward, the exhibition focuses upon the museum’s recently acquired – yet heretofore undisplayed – drawings, etchings, and watercolors.

January 18, 2015
oupacademic : oupacademic : Now had the Almighty Father from above, From the pure Empyrean where he sits High Thron’d above all highth, bent down his eye, His own works and their works at once to view: About him all the Sanctities of Heaven Stood thick as Stars, and from his sight receiv’d Beatitude past utterance; on his right The radiant image of his Glory sat, His onely Son; — Paradise Lost , Book IV, 56-64 From Dante to Milton, the human imagination has conceived of Heaven as a paradisaical realm beyond speech and reckoning.

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