December 22, 2018
Baroque Painter and Draftsman, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino) Died on 22 December 1666 in Bologna.

June 28, 2018
Gioacchino Asserto, an early baroque painter from Genoa, died on 28 June 1649.

June 13, 2018
Today is the Feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua , who died on 13 June 1231.

March 27, 2017
Guercino in Piacenza An extraordinary exhibition celebrates Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Cento, 1591 – Bologna, 1666), also known as Guercino .

March 24, 2017
Guercino Left Ghastly After Theft The recovery of a stolen Guercino altarpiece this past February was a major moment, yet news sources are now reporting that the extent of damage to the canvas thanks to this theft might be irreparable.

February 8, 2017
Italian painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri was born in Cento near Ferrara on 31 January 1591.

March 4, 2016
Painter Giuseppe Cades was born on 4 March 1750 in Rome, where he soon became a well-respected history painter, decorator, and engraver.

February 2, 2016
Italian Baroque painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino (the “squinter”), is believed to have been born on 2 February 1591 in Cento.

December 22, 2015
Italian Baroque Painter Guercino Died in Bologna on 22 December 1666.

October 18, 2015
October 18 is the Feast day of St. Luke , gospel writer and patron saint of artists, owing to the Christian tradition that he painted a portrait of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child.

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