November 17, 2015
A model of maniera : 17 November marks the birthday of Agnolo di Cosimo, better known as Bronzino, in 1503.

October 14, 2015
Iacopo di Antonio Negretti, known better as Jacopo Palma il Giovane  or simply Palma Giovane, died on 14 October 1628.

July 25, 2015
The Mannerist painter Jacopo Zanguidi from Parma, also known as Bertòja, was born on this day in 1544.

May 26, 2015
Jacopo da Pontormo was born in Pontormo, near Empoli, on 26 May 1494.

December 31, 2014
Jacopo da Pontormo died on New Year’s Eve in 1556 in Florence, where he had been the leading painter of his day.

November 14, 2014
Rosso Fiorentino Died on 14 November 1540 at Fontainebleau.

October 5, 2014
Francesco d’Ubertino Verdi, known as Bachiacca, died 5 October 1557 in Florence.

May 21, 2014
Parmigianino’s Schiava Turca (Turkish Slave) is on view in New York.

March 16, 2014
An exhibition on two of the leading figures of Mannerism, Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino , is on view @palazzostrozzi through 20 July.

September 2, 2013
Taddeo Zuccaro died on this day in 1566 in Rome, one day after his thirty-seventh birthday.

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