November 18, 2016
Churches at Tre Chiese, South Tyrol

October 27, 2016
Triptychs and Tripartite Paintings in Medieval Italy

October 10, 2016
The Magi and their Florentine connections

October 3, 2016
3: The ages of men according to Venetian painters During the Renaissance the allegorical theme of the three ages of man became increasingly popular within cultured and sophisticated élites , most notably in Venice.

September 30, 2016
30: the number of “stones” in Alberto Magnelli’s first solo exhibition, Thirty Stones at the Pierre Loeb Gallery, Paris, 1934 Born in Florence on July 1, 1888, Alberto Magnelli taught himself to paint by studying the great works of the Florentine Renaissance: Masaccio, Paolo Uccello , Andrea del Castagno and Piero della Francesca.

September 21, 2016
3: The Number of Axial Routes Pope Julius II Envisioned for 16th-Century Rome.

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