May 3, 2018
On 3 May 1525, the painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, also known as Il Sodoma , received a contract to paint a double-sided banner for the Compagnia di San Sebastiano in Camollia near Siena.

December 23, 2017
On 23 December 1534, Elena Baiardi Commissioned Parmigianino to Paint an Altarpiece Honoring the Virgin and Child.

November 29, 2017
On 29 November 1425, Construction of the Chapel of St. Julian Began in Pisa.

November 6, 2017
On 6 November 1531 Il Sodoma Received a 10- Ducat Bonus.

December 14, 2014
Mary sits on an elaborately decorated throne, her lap creating a throne for her son Jesus.

August 8, 2014
On This Day in 1452 (8 December) Florentine Painter Fra Filippo Lippi Fails to Keep a Commitment.

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