The J. Paul Getty Museum launches its new exhibition Miracles and Martyrs: Saints in the Middle Ages today through 2 March 2014. The exhibition will consist of two installations, changing on 1 December. Drawn from the permanent collection, the handmade books on view demonstrate the popularity of saints in the Medieval period and includes several works by Italian artists like these images of St. Catherine painted by Taddeo Crivelli around 1469 for Gualenghi d’Este or St. Jerome by an unknown north Italian artist in the second quarter of the fifteenth century. The third image is a detail from an illustrated legend of Aimo and Vermondo, two men who dedicated themselves to St. Victor.

Further reading: Saints in Art by Rosa Giorgi (2003).

Saint Catherine, Gualenghi d’Este Hours, Ferrara, Taddeo Crivelli, about 1469 

Saint Jerome Extracting a Thorn from a Lion’s Paw, cutting from Master of the Murano Gradual, northern Italy, about 1425-50 

Aimo and Vermondo Holding up the Church of Saint Victor (detail), Legend of the Venerable Men Aimo and Vermondo, Milan, attributed to Anovelo da Imbonate, about 1400

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