As of today, the Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence will be open only to pedestrians and cyclists. Part of a broader initiative by Mayor Matteo Renzi, the closure of the bridge is the fifth in a series of historic areas now restricted to foot and bicycle traffic. Since taking office in 2009, Renzi and the city council have also closed the Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Pitti, Via Tornabuoni, and Piazza San Firenze.

A bridge has spanned this part of the river since 1252. Thrice lost to floods, the bridge in its current form was designed by Bartolomeo Ammanati between 1567 and 1569. It is the oldest elliptical bridge in the world. Unfortunately, Ammanati‚Äôs construction was demolished by retreating German troops on 8 August 1944, but it was rebuilt using the original material in 1958.

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