Great Pompeii Project trapped in bureaucratic limbo. Edek Osser and Ermanno Rivetti report in The Art Newspaper that the nomination of a new superintendent to safeguard Pompeii through a €105m restoration has stalled. Massimo Osanna, professor of archaeology at the University of Basilicata, has been tapped for the position along side Giovanni Nistri and Fabrizio Magani as director general and deputy director. Osanna, chosen for his expertise rather than his political connections, is finding pushback from politicians and insiders at the Ministry of Culture. Meanwhile, Pompeii continues to crumble.

Water is wreaking havoc on the red frescoes that characterize the Casa delle Pareti Rosse

What is left of the House of the Gladiators, which famously suffered a series of collapses in 2010

Workers at Pompeii protest last year over late pay

Giovanni Nistri (right) has taken over the management of Pompeii’s €105m plan

Wild dogs roam the grounds of ancient Pompeii

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