The Etruscans and the Mediterranean: The City of Cerveteri. On view through Sunday, March 10 at the Louvre, Paris.

Many people still have a romantic view of the Etruscans as a mysterious people who lived in central Italy, for whom death was, in the words of D. H. Lawrence, “a pleasant continuance of life.” But this vision is far from the reality uncovered by the archaeological excavations of recent decades. The exhibition introduces this great civilization—a confederation of autonomous city-states—with a focus on the city of Cerveteri, the ancient Caere. By comparing the results of research conducted in museums and on-site (in the necropolises, city and port), it is now possible to trace the development of this powerful, densely- populated maritime city whose political, cultural and commercial history is linked to the great cities on the shores of the Mediterranean, from the Near East to North Africa, from Greece to southern France, and Rome.

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