Join the IAS today in Bernhard 209 for Medieval Art and Architecture in Southern Italy, organized by Nicola Camerlenghi, Dartmouth College and Nino Zchomelidse, Johns Hopkins University.

I: Mobility and Materiality, 10:00-11:30 AM EST, Dorothy F. Glass, University at Buffalo presiding.

The Cult of Saints and Artistic Patronage in Early Christian Campania: Some Observations on the Funerary Areas of Nola, Capua, and Naples
Chiara Croci, University of Lausanne / University of Münster

Between Divine and Human: Veneration of Saints in the Cripta Santa Margherita in Melfi
Danijela Zutic, McGill University

A Syncretic Model and its Success: The Liturgical Installations at Salerno
Elisabetta Scirocco, University of Naples Federico II / Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte

Gifts for St. Nick: Charles II and San Nicola in Bari
Jill Caskey, University of Toronto

II: Multiethnic and Multi-Religious Environments, 1:30-3:00 PM EST, Linda Safran, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies presiding.

Remarks by Nino Zchomelidse, Johns Hopkins University and Nino Zchomelidse, Johns Hopkins University

The Church of Santa Barbara, Matera: Cultural mixing in a tool shed
Rebecca Raynor, University of Sussex

Medieval Sicily’s Arab-Christian Art-in-Flux? Mutable Crosses and Christian Imagery in the Islamicate Ceilings of the Cappella Palatina
Lev Arie Kaipitakin, Tel Aviv University

TABIMUROLLI MUIDEM REP: Pseudo-Kufic, Retrograde Latin, and the Crusades Remembered on the Chiaramonte-Steri Ceiling
Kristen Streahle, Cornell University

III: Learning, Production and Exchange in Schools, Monasteries, and Courts, 3:30-5:00 PM EST, Cathleen Fleck, St. Louis University presiding.

The Salerno School of Medicine, the Heritage of Archbishop Alphanus and the Narrative Program of the Salerno Ivories
Francesca Dell’Acqua, Università di Salerno

Two Abbeys between Frontiers. Casamari and Fossanova and their Key Function in Theology, Politics and Architecture in the Times of Henry VI of Hohenstaufen
Reinhard Rupert Metzner, Independent Scholar

Thirteenth-Century Angevin Lighthouses in Puglia
Maria Rosaria Rinaldi, La Sapienza Rome

Apulia: Patrons, Panels and Frinta’s ‘Adriatic’ Workshop
Rebecca Corrie, Bates College

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