IAS Members win the 2013 Villa I Tatti Best Article Prize and honorable mentions! Congratulations to Niall Atkinson (University of Chicago), Daniel Maze (Pepperdine University), and Allison Sherman (Queen’s University) for sweeping the 2013 competition with your scholarship.

The 2013 Best Article Prize goes to Niall Atkinson for “The Republic of Sound: Listening to Florence at the Threshold of the Renaissance,” I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance, Vol. 16, No. ½ (Fall 2013), 57-84, has been awarded the I Tatti Prize for Best Essay by a Junior Scholar.  This annual prize is awarded to a junior scholar for the best scholarly article on an Italian Renaissance topic, published in English or Italian. The subject can be any aspect of the Italian Renaissance, broadly defined as the period ranging from the 13th to the 17th centuries, including historiography. The selection committee looks for rigorous and original research, and convincing results expressed in clear and effective prose.

Honorable Mentions to Daniel Maze for “Giovanni Bellini: Birth, Parentage, and Independence,” Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 66, No. 3 (Fall 2013), 783-823; and Allison Shermanfor “Murder and Martyrdom: Titian’s Gesuiti Saint Lawrence as a Family Peace Offering,” Artibus et historiae, no. 68 (2013),  39-54.

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