Painter Bernardino Nocchi died on 27 January 1812. Trained in Lucca, Nocchi moved to Rome when he was 28 with his pupil Stefano Tofanelli, hoping to join the studio of Pompeo Batoni. Rejected, the Lucchese painters joined forces instead with Niccolò Lapicolla who trained them as fresco painters. Nocchi was hired by Pope Pius VI to decorate various rooms in the Vatican Palace and other papal buildings. Nocchi also created numerous works for export to cities in Umbria and the Marches. Though he was invited to be court painter in both Spain and Portugal, he insisted on remaining in Rome until is death.

Reference: Olivier Michel. “Nocchi, Bernardino.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. .

Frescoes from Vatican Palace (now Gregorian Etruscan Museum), 1780, fresco. Photos: Jean-Pol Grandmont

St. Pudentiana being received into Heaven, 1803, Santa Pudenziana, Rome

Portrait of Camillo Borghese,1799

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