Now through 10 May 2015, The McManus (Dundee Scotland) hosts Roman Empire: Power and People. Over 160 objects belonging to the British Museum (London) bear witness to the wealth, power, and organization of the Roman Empire, one of the most powerful the world has ever seen. Religious, military, and personal objects offer insight into the lives of people across the Empire, from northern Britain to Egypt and the Middle East. These fascinating objects show how the influences of the many people and places with whom the Romans came in contact were absorbed and adapted to become part of Roman visual and material culture.

The show has been traveling throughout the UK since 17 May 2014. After its stay in Dundee, the exhibition will travel to Segedunum Roman Fort and Baths, where it will remain on view through 13 September 2015.

All images © The Trustees of the British Museum

Copper alloy plaque of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a wolf, 43–41 BCE.

The Crawford Cup, 50-100 CE.

Gold Medallion of Constantius I, 297 CE.

Copper alloy and enamel dragonesque brooch, 43-200 CE. 

Marble funerary monument, about 100–110 CE

Knitted woollen child’s sock, Egypt, 200–400 CE

Mummy portrait of a woman, 55–70 CE. London, The British Museum

Gilded copper alloy figure of Hercules from Birdoswald, Cumbria, late 100s CE.

Marble sculpture of a barbarian captive, Roman, about 160–170 CE.

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