By Anne Leader

Now through 3 May 2015, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh hosts Beauty by Design: Fashioning the Renaissance. Organized in partnership with Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh and New Media Scotland, the exhibition links Renaissance art collections of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery to contemporary fashion design, practice, and display. Responding to old-master paintings in the National Galleries’ collections, UK-based fashion designers have created new works using high-quality materials such as lace, while Renaissance art specialists have explored ideas about beauty, cosmetics, and body image.

Titian, The Virgin and Child with St. John the Baptist and an Unidentified Saint, ca. 1515-20, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

Jacopo Bassano, The Adoration of the Kings, early 1540s, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

Cariani (Giovanni Busi), Portrait of a Young Woman as St. Agatha, 1516-17, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

Follower of Tintoretto, Portrait of a Gentleman, ca. 1580, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

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