Today, the Center for Italian Modern Art hosts part two of Untying ‘The Knot’: The State of Postwar Italian Art History Today, organized by Sharon Hecker and Marin R. Sullivan. Co-sponsored by the Italian Art Society, this symposium seeks to evaluate the current state of the field and highlight alternative methodologies for future inquiry.


Shantel Blakely (Independent)
Integration by Design: The Synthesis of the Arts and the Origins of Italian Industrial Design, 1949-1955

Silvia Bottinelli (School of the Fine Arts Museum, Boston/Tufts University)
Gianni Pettena and Ugo La Pietra: Crossing Boundaries (1968-78)

Martina Tanga (Boston University)
Institutional Reinvention: The 1974 and 1976 Venice Biennale

Giorgio Zanchetti (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Summer Solstice A.D. MCMLXIII. Luciano Fabro’s Early Works

Elizabeth Mangini (California College of the Arts)
Gilberto Zorio’s Material Instability

Robert Lumley (University College, London)
Lightness: Artistic Strategies in Italy in the 1960s

Lara Pucci (University of Nottingham)
Translating Picasso: Guttuso’s Guernica

Leda Cempellin (South Dakota State University)
The Gruppo N: Looking Closely into the Failure of a Collaborative Model

Jacopo Galimberti (Independent)
Danilo Montaldi: Activist, Collector, Gallery-owner and Art Critic

Teresa Kittler (University College, London)
Reimagining the Family Album: Carla Lonzi’s Autoritratto (1969)

Nicholas Cullinan (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Adrian Duran (University of Nebraska at Omaha)
Claire Gilman (The Drawing Center, New York)
Paolo Scrivano (Boston University)

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