By Anne Leader

Interested in seeing another side of Florence? Experience the city through a unique Renaissance street-view-style interactive map. Hidden Florence provides an audio-guided tour of the city on your smart phone through the eyes of Giovanni, a historically-based character drawn from records of artisan life in 1490s Florence. Giovanni walks you through his city, allowing you to see and experience its streets, buildings, and piazze as working-class Florentines did in the age of Lorenzo de’ Medici. Download the free app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android and get an insider’s view of the city.

Piazza Sant’ Ambrogio, Florence. Photo: Ugo Galasso 

Hidden Florence App map: The Mercato Vecchio in 1584

App designers David Rosenthal and Fabrizio Nevola in Piazza San Piero Maggiore

Piazza della Signoria, Florence

Piazza San Martino, Florence

Hidden Florence Promotional video

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