By Alexis Culotta

Roman Emperor Elagabalus, or Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, began his reign on 8 June 218. He was the supposed heir to the Severan Dynasty, which had all but collapsed during the disastrous rule of Caracalla. Only fourteen years of age, Elagabalus was officially the youngest Roman Emperor to be anointed (he would lose this title when Gordian III, only 13, was installed as Emperor in 238). His rule was hallmarked by both capricious and controversial behavior, resulting in his eventual assassination by the Praetorian Guard on 11 March 222.

Portrait Medal of Emperor Elagabalus, Louvre Museum

Coin of Philippopolis with the Bust of Elagabalus, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Portrait Bust of Emperor Elagabalus, Capitoline Museum, Rome 

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