(at least): the number of surviving drawings by Italian Modernist Amedeo Modigliani. French physician Paul Alexandre was friend and patron of Modigliani from the Italian’s arrival in Paris in 1906 until his premature death in 1920. Dr. Alexandre bought at least 450 drawings from the artist, as well as other artworks, to support his artistic endeavors. 

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Reference: The Unknown Modigliani: Drawings from the Collection of Paul Alexandre by Noel Alexandre. 

Portrait of Paul Alexandre. Private collection. 

Caryatid, blue and black crayon over traces of pencil, ca. 1913-1915, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. 

Caryatid, pencil and blue crayon on paper, ca. 1913-1914, New Art Gallery Walsall, England. 

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