500 (Cinquecento)

(automobile name): produced by Fiat, the Cinquecento is one of its most iconic cars. It was first produced in 1936 as the 500-cc “Topolino” (little mouse), named in part because it was at the time one of the smallest cars then being built: it allowed minimal space for two people and could barely crest a speed of 50 mph. Following World War II, Fiat redesigned the car, releasing the “Nuova Cinquecento” on 4 July 1957. Revamped with a more powerful engine and modified to accommodate more people, the Cinquecento aimed to be the car for the people of Italy. Fiat’s campaign for the Cinquecento worked: its record sales (over 3 million in its first two decades of production) contributed to its status as a symbol of the Italian strada. This status continues today, with the introduction of the new “Nuova Cinquecento” in 2007, exactly half a century following the 1957 landmark release. 

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Further reading: “A Love Letter to the Fiat 500: The New Popemobile” by Laird Borrelli-Persson. Vogue, 24 September 2015.

Pope Francis waves from his Fiat 500L at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, 22 September 2015.

Supermodel and Fiat 500, Vogue, 1994

Cinquecento debut ad. Photo: Everett Collection

1959 Fiat 500 ad. Photo: Oskar Poss/ullstein bild / Getty Images

Bishops applaud Pope Francis as he leaves St. Matthew’s Cathedral in his Fiat 500 after midday prayer service, Washington, D.C., 23 September 2015.

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