Anonymous: What is the manfrediana methodus? Can you please offer some examples.

The Manfrediana Methodus refers to the style of painting by Baroque painter Bartolomeo Manfredi. Purportedly first coined in Joachim von Sandrart’s Accademia tedesca di architettura, scultura e pittura (1675), the phrase was intended to distinguish Manfredi’s style from that of Caravaggio

While Manfredi was often grouped into the large pool of Caravaggisti, or followers of Caravaggio, the hope of such terminology was to extricate Manfredi’s body of work from under this umbrella through his tendency toward more emotive compositions and his proclivity toward genre subjects. These characteristics are seen to have influenced a great number of other Baroque painters, such as French artist Nicolas Régnier, who studied with Manfredi. 

Further reading: 

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Bartolomeo Manfredi, Cupid Chastised, 1613. Art Institute of Chicago. 

Nicolas Régnier, Woman with a Mirror (Vanity), c. 1626. Musée de Beaux Arts, Lyon.

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